Lazy Dog Horse Rides

Lazy Dog Inn Horse Rides

Located on the borders of Huascaran National Park, in-between three indigenous communities, the area is a horse riding paradise of unfenced, rural trails. Just outside our front gates you will find spectacular views of the white-capped mountains of the Cordillera Blanca.  Passing by indigenous farms and mud brick homes, via quiet, country roads you can explore and observe the local communities. Our Western riding style reflects the history of the Americas, a style evolving from ranching and warfare brought to the Americas by the Spanish Conquistadors.

A secret to our success with horse rides involves using the training techniques of Dan “Buck” Brannaman, which stems from the natural “horsemanship movement” which stray from the traditional “breaking” of horses. In many communities around the Huaraz area “breaking” a horse involves men with sticks and a case of beer. At the Lazy Dog Inn we start our horse rides by grooming and saddling selected horses to form a personal connection and create a sense of confidence and trust. Once trust and confidence are established this ensures a positive experience for both the rider and the horse.

Lazy Dog horse rides are given by appointment only, run approximately 2.5 hours and are only offered in the mornings to avoid the strong Andean sun and potential rainstorms. Routes offered depend on weather conditions, community activities, and the rider’s experience.  We have a number of strong, gentle horses either pasos or criollos, all familiar with our backcountry terrain.  All horses are first ridden within the property before going out onto gentle trails through local countryside and communities. Given the altitude and rocky terrain the rides are geared to walking with some opportunities for trots and gallops if desired. For young children wanting to ride, we offer riding in our riding-ring only, as we have no ponies on-site.

Horse rides are 75 soles per person, and on-site guests are given preference for any open slots. Let us know if you would like to finish your horse riding experience with a lunch at the lodge, the local community café Yura Yacu (open seasonally) providing employment and empowerment to local women, or an authentic Peruvian dish at a local home. Lunch should be arranged in advance and is offered at an additional cost.

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