Construction of The Lazy Dog Inn

The Lazy Dog Inn and its cabins are truly unique adobe structures built entirely by hand.  No equipment or electricity was used and all labor was provided by our community neighbors.  Virtually all materials used in the constructing the mountain lodge came from the immediate area reducing the environmental damage that comes with harvesting, transporting and treating building materials that come from remore locations.  The adobe buildings themselves are comprised of 45 cm thick seismically reinforced walls, with steel rebar passing through every brick between the foundations, roof, and the optimal soil mix used to make the adobe blocks. 
Environmental Responsibility
The Inn generates zero sewage and zero wastewater! All our bathrooms use dry composting urine diverting toilets whose wastewaters are filtered and re-used for sub-soil irrigation of animal pasture while the solids are dry composted into a rich organic fertilizer. Our household solid wastes are also recycled 90%!
Social Responsibility
Aside from using local labor for all our work, The Lazy Dog Inn, is involved in a great number of local community development efforts. Our goal is to help people help themselves in expanding local economic opportunities and incomes in a socially and environmentally sustainable way. Andean Alliance (Asociación Civil), our Grassroots Organization, is involved in supporting everything from community road repairs to small business development and  educational programs for children and youth.