We at Andean Alliance and everyone here in Yurac Yacu, Peru extend our warmest wishes for a safe and fulfilling Holiday Season! 2012 has been an extraordinary year for us, marked by great effort, opportunities, challenges and success in the development of our small Andean community. None of this would be possible without the generous donations of time, money and materials by our partners and supporters from around the world! We are forever grateful to you, not for giving us what we didn’t have but for you showing us what we couldn’t see and for helping those most in need develop the opportunities and skills to help themselves. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Following is a summary of our projects, activities and achievements from 2012.


1.  Yurac Yacu Community Center Development

This is our main multi-year project whose objective is to develop a Community Education and Small Business Center that provides training and work opportunities to community residents (especially women and children) allowing them to enhance their own family income and well-being through their own work. Construction of the Center is over 50% complete and includes the Early Childhood Education Center, the Library/Computer Center and the Yurac Yacu Kitchen and Café – the latter constructed this year!
We need further funding to help complete the remaining 50% of this Center which will include: an Expedition Services Office, a Community Health & Hygiene Center and an Artisans Workshop. Please consider us and contact us with any further questions. Our progress this year included:
a) Construction of the Yurac Yacu Café & Kitchen
                                         Café kitchen under construction                                      Café rooftop terrace under construction
b) Equipping the Library & Computer Center (with computers, internet access, AV equipment, books and a security system)
Library & Computer Center
Computer classes, english classes and the Young Leaders Group have had meetings in this facility and Saturday family movie nights have also been held here.

2. 2012 Volunteers

a) Aiglon College Switzerland: For the 3rd year in a row a group of students visited us from Aiglon College, Switzerland. The students joined local residents for several days of work in constructing a school garden, a rest shelter and painting a mural on the Education Center wall. Aiglon College continues to provide important support to the project.
b) Ben & Lindsay Kunz from the U.S. spent 3 months here spearheading the formation of our Young Outdoor Leadership Group. Classroom and practical training were provided in teamwork, expedition planning, first aid and navigation skills etc. These skills were tested on several overnight expeditions. Ben & Lindsay injected a great deal of enthusiasm into this group of tomorrow’s community leaders. Several of the Young Leaders also joined a group of Young Leaders from Alberta, Canada during a one week cultural exchange visit to Peru sponsored by ACGC Alberta.
c) Stacey & Randy Earlywine spent 3 months with us providing valuable support and structure to the Early Childhood Education program and other initiatives.
                           Aiglon College students - painting the mural                            Young Leaders Group – back from an expedition

3.  Ongoing Programs

a) The Early Childhood Education Program continues under the experienced direction of Profesor Flor Tinoco and her assistant Yesenia Lazaro. An average of 12 kids, aged 3 to 5, receive 18 hours of instruction a week based on a curriculum that teachs logic, creativity, decision making, risk taking and draws on concepts from the Montessori and Waldorf models.
b) Rivas Primary School support continued with funding provided for the healthy lunch program, organizing student outings and providing the occasional classroom lesson.
c) Annual Sports Tournament: This years tournament ran for 3 days with boys and girls soccer and volleyball teams competing from eight surrounding communities. Team jackets and medals were awarded the champions in all categories.
d) Annual Kids Christmas Party: Our 10th Annual Kids Christmas Party (‘Chocolatada’) will be held December 22nd complete with the usual array of kids games, hot chocolate and a small gift for over 250 local children under 12 years of age.
                               Early Childhood Education classes                                                   2012 Girls Volleyball Champs

4.  Other Support Provided

In addition to the above, funding and support were provided in 2012 to the following:
• Materials were provided for constructing a concrete floor in the Cachipampa Community center.
• Funding was provided for conducting a hydrology study to support the Magdalena community water system application.
• Technical support was provided to the Cachipampa Community for supervising the road improvement work conducted by the Municipality of Independencia.
Our contributions are made possible by the donation of time, money and resources from our sponsors, volunteers, concerned visitors and the local residents of Yurac Yacu, Peru. Special thanks go out this year to the Sombrilla International Development Society of Alberta, Canada, Aiglon College Switzerland, Dr. Stephan Dertnig of Moscow, Russia and the Roosevelt School in Lima. Thanks are also due to Steve & Louise from Australia and Angela Maxwell who provided materials and donations to the Early Childhood Education Program and to Ted & Jen at Skyline Adventures for their support of the Outdoor Leadership Program.

Our goal is to assist those most in need who wish to develop skills to improve their own lives, their community and the world around them.