Lima to Huaraz

Transport from Lima to Huaraz is via public bus (7-8 hour trip) with multiple companies providing multiple daily departures.  One way cost per person is around S. / 35-100 soles.  We can arrange your bus tickets from Lima to Huaraz - with advance notice.  We can also arrange private transportation (private vehicle or mini-bus) with advance notice.
There is now daily air service between Lima and Huaraz. Check out this website for schedules, fares, weight restrictions. LC Peru
There are rental car services in Lima. Please decide where you want to go before you commit to a car because if you plan to see the lakes and ruins in the Cordillera you would do well by using a vehicle with higher clearance. The roads, once off the highway are dirt and gravel and can be rough in a car. Yes, the taxis do drive everywhere here, but there are also endless taxi fix it shops, the roads can take a toll on a vehicle. However, these roads take you into wonderful places, some with a feeling of being out there !

Huaraz to the Lazy Dog Inn with a Car

The Lazy Dog Inn is located 8-12kms east of Huaraz, Peru ( depending on which route you take ). We can arrange a secure a taxi for S/30-S/40 soles from Huaraz, rates are higher for nighttime trips. There are 2 roads that can be taken. If driving, please contact us ahead of time to see which is in better condition.
Take the road that passes by the housing complex called El Pinar. From there turn right for 1 km and you get to a large football field in a small hamlet called Marian. At the field turn left, the Caseria de Cachipampa, and drive up the dirt road 3.3 km where you will find us on the right hand side. If asking for directions, ask for the Casa de la Sra Diana.
Leaving Huaraz to the north, turn right at the sign that says Wilcahuain. This is an archeological site 6 km from the highway where you have turned off of. Before the ruins you will go through a community called Paria. At the site, keep to the right and you will pass a second ruin. From there keep going until km 12. You will pass over 2 bridges. At km 12 you will see our sign, turn right, go down around 300 mtrs and then left at our 2nd sign for 100 mtrs.
There is no public transport to here. The best you can do is get a collective taxi or van to Marian and walk 3km up. Sometimes the vans will go higher up the road if there are enough people to make it worth their while. It is a 45 -60 minute walk up to our place, less time when walking down.

Huaraz to the Lazy Dog Inn without a Car




1. Take a taxi (s/30), we can arrange reliable taxis for you.  If taking a taxi back on your own, do not pay more than s/30 day, s/40 night.  Not all drivers know where the Lazy Dog is or want to drive to the Lazy Dog so you might have to ask a few before you get a ride.  The directions for the driver are: go past El Pinar ( a gated community ), then 1 km to the football field of Marian and left up the road 3.3 km though the community of Cachipampa. 


2. Walk and take a colectivo (shared transport) .The walk down takes about 40 minutes and the van colectivos leave every 15 minutes from the soccer field in Marian. There are vans that go regularly and taxis that go when they have 5 people. The price is S/ 1 sole for the van and possible S/ 1.20 for the taxi. NOTE: the service is less frequent on Sundays and stops before 8 pm.


3. Returning with a colectivo requires waiting on the street called Raymondi  ( which runs in front of the central market )for a #15 colectivo which has a sign in the front window saying “Marian”.  There are multiple routes which the number 15 runs so make sure you get on the right one.  To walk up the hill from Marian takes about an hour. NOTE: sometimes the vans will go 1.5 km higher depending on the hour and how many people are in it.


Geographical Coordinates

9° 29’ 50.47” South
77° 28’ 44.00” West
Elevation 3620 m