Outdoor TiPi Camping: Available in non-rainy months (sleeps up to 4 people)
(April onwards weather dependent, 3650meters)
The 16 foot hand painted TiPi offers a unique , independent outdoor sleeping experience.  It is equipped with 2 - 4 single beds and bedding, towels, an airtight wood heated stove, ground mats and carpet with an inner TiPi liner. (You may want to use your sleeping bags in the colder months)
Cooking facilities consist of a roof covered cook house with gas 2 burner stove, food storage coolers, pots, pans and dishes, electric light and picnic table. In addition there is filtered drinking water, a warm shower and outside latrine. There are outlets for charging electronics and WiFi connections that are generally available.
You are responsible for your cooking, ingredients, food storage, cleanliness and keeping personal items in your bags. 
$20.00 per person if cooking own meals
$35.00 per person if taking a full breakfast and dinner in the main lodge
Contact us for availability and current weather conditions.
We work only with reservations and deposits are required.  A 50% deposit is needed to hold the reservation. This deposit can be made in country via the Scotia Bank, an International Bank Transfer with a $25.00 charge for costs on our end, by Western Union or Visa on line. If you are coming from Canada, you may make a direct deposit there.
Deposits are non-refundable when cancelled within two weeks of the reservation. They are 50% refundable if canceled within two to four weeks of the reservation and 100% refundable a month or more prior. You are responsible for any related charges when refunding the money.
While at the Inn, you can pay your additional costs by Soles, USD $ in GOOD – GREAT condition or by Visa Credit Card ONLY (with a 5% surcharge)
You may also pay your whole room stay with us in advance.
Also note that coming as a tourist; please allow us to take a photocopy of your passport and the entrance stamp so that we can exempt you from the 18% Government Sales Tax on Hotels.