The past awaits you!

Although the Incas made Machu Pichu famous for it's majestic structure and history, this area holds what is believed to be two of the oldest Pre-Colombian cultures:  the Recuay and Wari Cultures.  It is said that the Incas incorporated many of the Recuay and Wari developments into their own culture.  On your own or with an informed English speaking guide you can tour many of these sites leaving from The Lazy Dog Inn.

Wilcawain and Ichic Wilcawain (5-6 km away)

Wilcawain and Ichic Wilcawain are Huari ruins dated 800 pre-incan times.  A nice 5-6 km gentle walk with a 200 meter altitude difference, making it a nice acclimatization walk.  If wanting a longer day, these ruins can be visited in conjunction with a 14 km in-and-out hike to Laguna Aguak (4500 meters/ 14,763 feet)

Chavín de Huántar.JPG

Chavin de Huantar (World Heritage Site)
Chavin de Huantar is a great day trip starting from The Lazy Dog Inn.  Chavin de Huantar is an archaelogical site containing ruins and artifacts constructed beginning at least 1200 BC and occupied by later cultures until around 400-500 BC by the Chavin, a major pre-Inca culture.
Tours can be booked in Huaraz for a reasonable fee and with an English guide.  We can also arrange private transportation to the ruins for a self-guided visit.  For more information on Chavin visit

Additional Archaeological sites nearby:  Other ruins can be seen while incorporating other stops in towns and making it a day away returning to the Inn for dinner.

  • Joncopampa (plus waterfall):  Also spelled "Honcopampa"
  • Guitarrero Cave
  • Tumshucaico