The giant peaks of the "Cordillera Blanca" are at your doorstep with challenges for mountaineers of all levels of experience. We're located near the entrance of five canyons (Quebradas) including: Llaca, Cojup, Churup, Quilcayhuanca and Shallap.
Easy to moderate ascents like Vallanaraju (5,686 m) and Maparaju (5,326) plus difficult to extremely difficult ascents including Ocshapalca (5,881 m), Chinchey (6,222 m), Churup (5,493 m), Cayesh (5,721 m) and San Juan (5,843 m) are walking distance from our Inn !
You can leave the lodge in the morning and climb Vallanaraju returning to the Inn the next day for a late lunch. You can be camped on the glacier at Cayesh on day 1, climb Maparaju and be back the next day for dinner at the Inn.
Acclimatize here at 3.650 m.a.s.l. for your high altitude ascents or "bag" your first peak. We can assist you with information but we do not organize climbing trips.

Vallanaraju Summit             


Looking North from the Summit