It can be said that when one lives in a community one should be involved in what happens on a larger scale. A conscious effort has been made this year to work with the local municipality and the new mayor as advisors for rural tourism and education. What started out as an exciting and challenging activity has slowly fallen into the realms of slight disillusionment and frustration. Once the realities of what the politics and bureaucracy really are like, it is easy to see how things happen or don’t happen. One has to be patient and yet assertive when trying to filter through the layers upon layers of papers and dialogue. If anything comes of it we hope with all fingers crossed the approved reparation of the road that goes through the 3km of the communities from Marian and up actually gets fixed that would be the best Christmas present ever!

WORKING WITHIN MARIAN (a small area around us)

The small area of Marian has a new Mayor, a very nice young man with vision, commitment and determination. We have been working closely with him to form a strong team of local representatives and through that venue create needed change on a much more local level.


Diana worked with Parque National Huascaran this year as part of a team whose objective was to look at specific government legislations pertaining to access, required guides, safety, responsibility and security while in the Park. Some of this was out of date and not useful, and with a group an updated, rewritten version was compiles, ready for fine tuning and presentation for consideration and approval.


Diana also went to a workshop for a wonderful program connecting children and environment, Ania or Tierra de Los Nino, TiNi. The plan for 2014 is to bring this program to Andean’s projects and three local schools. No small undertaking but in compliance with The Lazy Dog Inn vision of sustainability and Andeans commitment to education and environment.