After losing the two original Lazy Dogs over the last two years, we increased the fold by two black lab brothers, Apu and Mayu. What started out as a cute idea grew into 2 - 35 kilo bundles of love and energy galore. and more training.  Max has gained the position of number one dog and Runtu just hangs where the fun is.


We started riding Rayo, our 5 year old gelding this year.  He came here when he was 6 months old, found him in a town called GorGor in the Huayhuash, peaking shyly from behind his mama and we had the absolute pleasure of bonding with him since then.  He is incredibly curious about his surroundings out of the pasture and he takes note of everything from a pig to the wind blowing in the trees.  He will gain confidence as time goes on.  He is not ready to be a guest horse yet.  His daughter, Valentina who was born here, is another sweetheart.  I have to believe in the “imprinting” when helping to birth a foal as she is like a puppy dog.  She will soon be in the riding ring and start her training.