Hurray, we had a bumper crop of Quinoa this year. It was a pleasure to watch it grow to over 2 meters high and turn a gorgeous color of dark purple and red. The interesting part was the washing it after the seed, taken from the stalk, was dry. The washing produces a soapy, dark gold color that after multiple washed gradually diminishes to a clear color and the seed retains a cream to white color. We had a nice large grain. The taste is nutty, crunchy and fresh.
So far we have managed to produce 4 healthy crops of organic potatoes. For those of you not familiar with growing them, they are very susceptible to blight and disease and need a good ground rotation. Many people don’t have enough land to let it rest for a proper rotation so sprays are used. Our fertilizers are organic from our compost and seed potatoes have been saved to give us a healthy plant. We hope that this will continue.
The best plants from 2011 have been varieties of Kale which thrive outdoors in the cool night temperatures, spinach, arugula and lots of lettuce types in the greenhouse. We used all the carrots,onions, beets, radishes, cilantro, parsley, broccoli, cabbage…..even the rhubarb is starting to grow. We have yet to have success with basil and the celery remains stunted…..and a definite no go on sweet corn, suspect not enough hours of sunlight.