Once again, if our table could talk, the stories told over meals, wine and endless cups of coffee would fill a book. It never fails to amaze us the incredible people there are in this world, and somehow how they make the connections with us and others. When one looks at the difficulties we have in this world we are uplifted knowing that there are people who care, who are making a difference, who look for opportunities to make positive change, who recognize that one person can make a difference and are aware of the decisions that they make today affect the future. And then let’s just look at the love of life they have, the sense of adventure and need for knowledge.
From them we have learned and with them we have shared. We thank all of our guests for making their way here and leaving a little piece of love behind. For those of you who saw what Andean is doing and for some who participated and even left donations, we hope you will remember that time as we continue to go forward. Your presence here as a guest helps to create a sustainable economic base for people in the close area.