How to Get from Huaraz to The Lazy Dog Inn

How to get from Huaraz to The Lazy Dog Inn (BY CAR):

How to get to The Lazy Dog Inn Directions in ENGLISH:  

There are a variety of routes to take from Huaraz to the Lazy Dog Inn, however, we do have occasional unpredictable road closures or disruptions by municipal road works.  To arrive without trouble, we strongly suggest to contact us first to see which routes are open. Please note that we advise against using a GPS based application to navigate the route from Huaraz as it will take you on impassable or very difficult roadways.

El Pinar Route-Most direct with the best roads.

We are located 30 mins from the city center of Huaraz.  When arriving you will see multiple signs “Welcoming” you to  Huaraz. When the road divides stay to the left. Look for the soccer stadium on your left with two traffic circles, one at the beginning and one at the end.  At the intersection marked by the last traffic circle and soccer stadium turn right onto (Ave. Raymondi).  Head straight up the road, past the central market on the right through 3 sets of lights. Stay on Ave. Raymondi until you reach the T-intersection with a stoplight, this is “Confraternidad Este”. On Confraternidad Este, at the light, turn left and follow the road over a concrete bridge until you reach the first stop light,  called “Manco Capac”.

At “Manco Capac” turn right and follow the road all the way up the hill until you reach the front of a gated community called El Pinar. Just before the gated community, at the large billboard advertising an orthodontist, turn right up the dirt road. After driving about 1 Km on the dirt road you will arrive to another T-intersection with a large soccer field on the opposite side of the road (this is the town of Marian).  At the T-intersection turn left and drive up about 3.5 KM through Casaria Cachipampa.  We are at the top of the hill with a sign on the right (there is no other guest house or hotel around).  You can always ask someone in Cachipampa or Marian for “The Lazy Dog Inn” or “Casa de la Senora Diana”.

Wilcahuain Route- Best alternative route when El Pinar route is closed.

(kilometers are approximate guidelines, 40-45 minutes) Google Maps Wilcahuain

Arriving to Huaraz from Lima you will pass through an intersection with traffic lights (Pedro Villon), keep North on 3N (Confraternidad Oeste). Soon you will come to a split, stay to the left (heavy traffic route) and continue on passing the National Stadium on the left and through the intersection of Raymondi.

Continuing North some major landmarks are the Hydrandina building, Movil Tours Bus Terminal and the Military Base. After the Base the road bends to the right and intersects at a traffic light with Confraternidad Este. Turn left and within a km you will arrive to a set of lights, Jiron Elias Aguirre on the left and on the right a sign that says Wilcahuain and Paria. Turn right.  Consider this turn as km 1 and the Lazy Dog Inn is at km 12.

Within a KM the paved road becomes dirt. At approximately KM 3 the road passes over a cement bridge and continues up to the small community of Paria, a large school and health post on the left and then a church and Plaza on the right (km4-4.5). The road winds up passing a cemetery on the left and the 1st ruin (km5) here keep to the right and you will pass the 2nd ruin before crossing over a bridge (km6). Look for the white post km markers. At km 10.5 you will pass over a bridge and at km 12 you will see the sign of the Lazy Dog Inn on your right. Drive 250 meters down and left at the next Lazy Dog Inn sign and the blue water tank.

Direcciones en ESPANOL:  Nota:  Por favor no usar su GPS cuando manejando de Huaraz.  Su GPS la va a direjir a 1 o 2 calles en condicciones terrible o sin salidas.  De Lima gire a la carretera en Patavillca girar a la derecha y a 210 Km esperan 3.5-4 horas dependiendo del clima y parada.  Estamos otro 20-30 minutos de la ciudad.  Cuando llegues a Huaraz se llega a un estadio de futbol, a la izquierda con una rotondo gire a la derecha (Avenida Raymondi).  Va hacia arriba por unos Kms mas y pasara el mercado central a la derecha y va a travesar 3 semaforos.  Al cuarto semaforo, el mas lejano a la colina, usted esta en una interseccion de T (Confraternidad), aqui gire a la izquierda.

Va a pasar un puente de cemento y aqui gira a la derecha en el primer semaforo (Manco Capac).  La carretera asfaltada curva para unos pocos Kms hasta que se detenga frente a una comunidad cerrada que no tiene senal pero el El Pina.  Gire a la derecha y conduzca 1 Km en camino de tierra hasta un campo de futbol grande (este es el pueblo de Marian).  Gire a la izquierda y suba unos 3.5 KM a traves de la Casarilla Cachipampa.  Estamos en la parte superion con un cartel a la derecha (no hay otro hotel cerca de nosotros).  Puede preguntar en Cachipampa o Marian por el “Lazy Dog” o por “La casa de la senora Diana.”

Coming from Huaraz to the Lazy Dog Inn (WITHOUT A CAR):  There is no public transportation that will bring you to our front door.  Here are your options for getting to us.

  1. Walk and take a colectivo(shared transport).  Go to Avenida Raymondi and take the #15 to “Marian/ Cachipampa.”  Make sure that it says both Marian and Cachipampa.  If it only says Marian you will have to walk ~45 mins to us, but if it says both Marian and Cachipampa the walk is ~20 mins.  The collectivo is S/1 to Marian and S/1.50 to Cachipampa.  Once in Cachipampa (which is the last stop of the colectivo) walk up the road ~20 mins until you see our sign.  If you get out in Marian you will walk up the road ~45 mins.  NOTE:  colectivos are less frequent on Sundays and evenings.  They stop running before 8pm daily.

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