How to Get to Huaraz

How to get to Huaraz

Huaraz is located in the Andes North-East of Lima. You can arrive to Huaraz one of three ways:

  • Bus
  • Plane
  • Auto

When arriving to The Lazy Dog Inn, we accept guests between the hours of 7am- 8pm, as sometimes the roads are difficult to access and follow in the night time.  Remember that Huaraz has a pristine indigenous culture that hasn’t been subject to the tourism that the cultures in the South of Peru experience. As a result, the roads leaving the highways aren’t quite as developed as the ones you will find in the South of Peru, making travel by day ideal. We are happy to arrange a private taxi pick-up with prior notice; pricing is for a secure taxi that can fit up to four people. For larger groups we can arrange up to a 12-person passenger van with advanced notice, please inquire for pricing.

By Bus

The bus ride from Lima to Huaraz takes approximately 8.5 hours and we recommend departing Lima either late night or early morning so as to arrive with-in the hours of 7am and 8pm. Cruz del Sur , Oltursa, Moviltours are the three bus lines when considering safety records, policies and Lima bus station locations. We are located 30 minutes on a dirt road from any Huaraz bus station, and a private taxi can be arranged to transfer you to the lodge for 30 soles in the day and 40 soles at night.

By Plane

LC Peru is the only airline that flies between Lima and Huaraz. Flights depart every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, and are approximately 50 minutes. As the planes do not have navigational systems to take-off and land during rain storms we recommend only using this option during the dry season which fall in the months May-October. Any flights during the rainy season have a 50% chance of being cancelled until the following scheduled departure. We are located 1 hour and 15 minutes from the airport and private taxis from the airport to The Lazy Dog Inn can be arranged in advance for 80 soles.

By Automobile

By vehicle we are located 7.5 hours outside of Lima and it’s recommended to leave early morning (between the hours of 5am to 6am) so as to avoid the heavy traffic of the city. Click here to download a pdf of our driving instructions from Huaraz to The Lazy Dog Inn. Please let us know an approximate arrival time so as we can ensure someone is here to open the gates and greet you.

Renting a Car ?

There are several places to rent a car in Lima. One thing to consider when deciding what sort of vehicle, you would like to rent, is if you would like to independently explore the roads around the Cordillera Blanca with your rental car. While a 4 x 4 vehicle isn’t necessary, the dirt and gravel roads off of the highway can be rough, rocky and filled with holes, so a vehicle with a higher clearance is best to avoid damages.



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