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The heavenly smell of toasting almonds and coconut attracts all our guests to the kitchen at The Lazy Dog Inn. Our homemade granola uses many local ingredients which are mixed and toasted to provide optimal nutrition and flavor and is delicious served with fresh fruit and yogurt. It also makes a great base for oatmeal cookies.


  1. A) Dry Ingredients

–  5 cups of large flaked rolled oats (preferably not instant)

– 1 cup of unsweetened shredded long cut dried coconut

– ½ cup of wheat bran

– ½ cup of wheat germ

– 1 cup of popped Quinoa or Kiwicha

– 1 cup of raw, sliced chopped almonds

– ½ cup of sesame seeds

– ½ cup of brown flax seeds

– ¼ tsp. of cinnamon

  1. B) Liquid Ingredients

– ½ cup of pure honey (we use eucalyptus honey, a unique smell and taste)

– ½ cup of vegetable oil (can substitute coconut oil for ½)

– ½ tsp. of vanilla

  1. C) Dried fruits

– 1 cup of raisins or mixed dried fruit in small pieces added at the end


Heat the oven to 200 C and have a large, deep baking sheet ready.

Mix the dry ingredients from group A in a large bowl.

Warm the honey and mix with the oil and vanilla.

Quickly mix the liquids into the dry with a flat wooden spoon before the honey cools and hardens (you could use clean fingers as well). The liquid mixture should be well distributed.

Bake in the oven for 20-30 minutes, moving the mixture at least 3 times until it smells aromatically and starts to slightly brown. Be careful to not overcook it. Finally, when out of the oven, add the dried fruit

For vegan diets you can substitute honey with maple syrup or agave nectar.

For Gluten free diets eliminate the bran and wheat germ and confirm the source of the oats to ensure they have not been in contact with wheat products when being milled.

For lower fat you can reduce the honey and oil but you will get a dryer product

Additional item to add:

Pecans can replace almonds

Add sunflower seeds

Use maple syrup for ½ of the honey

If available quinoa and kiwicha flakes ( like oats )


Kiwicha, known also as Amaranth, was one of the staple foods of the Incas. Interest in the grain amaranth was revived in the 1970s most likely because of its importance as a symbol of indigenous culture, its gluten-free palatability, it is easy to cook, and its protein does not contain gluten which makes it particularly well suited to human nutritional needs.



Next to potatoes, Quinoa was of great importance in the diet of pre-Columbian Andean civilization. Today, quinoa has become widely used for its nutritional value. It is a source of complete protein, dietary fiber, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and calcium. It is gluten free and good for vegans and people who are lactose intolerant.


Flaxseeds are riche in fiber which promotes regularity. They are also a pro-biotic and high in Omega-3. Ground, they can replace wheat in recipes.

Best Day Hikes in the Cordillera Blanca

Best Day Hikes from The Lazy Dog Inn

Some of the best day hikes located in the Cordillera Blanca mountain range are found on the Southern side of the mountain range, next to The Lazy Dog Inn Mountain Lodge. The Southern side of the Cordillera Blanca is not as well-known as the Northern Side, but rivals it in beauty. Click Here to orientate yourself to the area. From the front doors of The Lazy Dog Inn you have direct access to local indigenous communities, ruins, glaciers, and glacier-fed lakes that rival anything you will see in the Northern side of the Cordillera.

Huascaran National Park Hikes

Below we’ve provided a list of hikes you can access directly from The Lazy Dog Inn and some local hikes that require vehicle support. If not staying at The Lazy Dog Inn there is additional driving time, but the trailheads are much closer to Huaraz than the Northern Cordillera. Many of the valleys have gates at the entrance which are controlled by communities to prevent animal theft. Please keep these gates closed.

Entry fees to Huascaran National Park have recently increased and cost 30 soles per day for visitors and 15 soles per day for nationals. You will want to have small bills on hand to pay the fee.

View from the Cojup Valley



  • Laguna Aguak(c)

A great day hike right outside of Huaraz or down the road from The Lazy Dog Inn. Starting from the pre-Incan burial tombs of Wilcahuain, Laguna Aguak ( c ) is a high-altitude lake of 4500 meters. The lake is located around 7 km uphill and is known for its turquoise color and panoramic views of the Cordillera Negra. The lake sits in a bowl nestled under what is locally called “el Nariz de San Cristabol” or the nose of Saint Cristabol.

Trail Description

The first km is a series of steps and pastures encircling a large cross planted on a hill. The trail then continues uphill to the left and is marked by white painted rocks with meter markings. The trail markings are slightly inaccurate, when markings indicate you have arrived, you will need to hike an additional KM to access the lake. Historically local people would hike to the lake and then continue to the right, up to Vallunaraju base camp to cut out large ice blocks for ice cones in Huaraz.

Arrival from The Lazy Dog Inn

From The Lazy Dog Inn the trail head is 6km on the country road to the Wilcahuain ruins. The Wilcahuain ruin has two main ruin sites and the trailhead is on the right side (coming from The Lazy Dog Inn) located closest to the ruin on the Paria side (where you buy your entrance tickets to the site). As of today, there is a large brown sign that says Laguna Aguac (note that spelling will vary as Quechua is a phoenetic language) and is a well-maintained, double-track sized trail laid with flat rocks.

Arrival from Huaraz

From Huaraz head North to Centennario street. After the bridge, the first stoplight has a sign that says “Wilcahuain”, turn right  followed by the immediate left. There are signs that indicate the direction to Wilcahuain. Continue following the main dirt road, taking caution to not stray into a random dirt road. Upon reaching the first ruin site of Wilcahuain on your left, continue a few meters up looking for the large brown sign that says “Laguna Aguac”, this marks the start of the trailhead.

  • Quebrada Llaca

One of the best day hikes in the  Cordillera Blanca and one of our favorite treks from The Lazy Dog Inn. The hike starts directly out the front gates, with access to single trek on a nearby country road. Ascending into the national park you will have impressive views of huge glaciers and rewarded with a crystalline lake. The hike is and out and back and offers  an up-close-and-personal glacier experience with Oshcapalca and Ranrapalca glaciers. Returning to The Lazy Dog Inn you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the Cordillera Negra.

Llaca Trail Description

Follow the single track on the ridgeline until it dead ends onto a dirt road, you will have to go right or left. Turn left and you will enter a steep granite valley which is the entrance of the National Park, where you will pay your entry fee. Continue following the road until you arrive to a wooden sign that lists the names of the surrounding peaks and their elevations. The sign marks the start of a steep single track. Follow the single track until it dead ends on to the dirt road above.

Upon arriving to the dirt road turn left and follow the road to a humble concrete bridge. Cross the bridge and ascend the picturesque valley via a faded single track with the river on your right side. Look out for condors and vizcachas. Continue following the single track until it noticeably arcs up to the road. Hike up the road and follow it until arriving to the refugio. From the refugio to the lake it’s an 8-minute incline through a single track carved out of scree that ascends to the right. From the slated glaciated colored lake, you can walk the shoreline to get right next to Llaca glacier (weather permitting.)

Round-trip distance from The Lazy Dog Inn 15 km’s and an elevation gain of 850 meters, 550 meters is climbed the first half of the hike. The lake sits at about 4,500 meters, with panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and valley below. Allow 6-8 hours to complete the hike from the front gates of The Lazy Dog Inn. You can also ascend to the refugio with vehicle support as there is a bumpy road that takes a little over and hour to drive one way from the Lazy Dog Inn.

Note: If you require more of a challenge, you can add a hiking loop to the Vallunaraju Base Camp at 5000 meters, where you can gain an additional 500 meters in elevation. This add-on offers two high glacier lakes and sweeping views of Ocshapalca, Ranrapalca, and Vallunaraju glaciers. There are technical parts, steep up and downhills and route-finding skills are needed. Allow 10-12 hours. Not recommended in the rainy season.

Llaca Lake and part of the surrounding glaciers

Arrival from The Lazy Dog Inn

From the Inn’s front gates walk up the driveway and turn right upon reaching the road with a water tank on the opposite side. Hike up the road until it meets another country dirt road, where you will see a “Lazy Dog Inn” sign and a white post marked KM 12. Near the white post the single track starts and climbs the ridgeline. You will have the Cordillera Negra at your back and the looming glacier of Ranrapalca staring at you as you ascend.

Arrival from Huaraz

From Huaraz you can take the #15 “combi” or shared bus to the town of Cachipampa Alta. If you choose to take the Combi this will add an additional 30 minutes to your hike, as the Combi stops 30 minutes below where the trail starts. By private vehicle don’t use GPS as it will take you on the worst roads in the area. The best route is to drive to El Pinar, through the town of Marian up thru Cachipampa Alta, passing a water tank on the left and arriving to another dirt road, paralleling the road you are coming from. This second dirt road has “The Lazy Dog Inn” signs, right next to a white post that is labeled KM 12. From here you can access the single track to the National Park gates or continue ascending with a vehicle, by road. If you want to continue by vehicle, upon reaching the country dirt road with “The Lazy Dog Inn” sign turn right, and drive for approximately 3 km’s arriving to a split in the road that is labelled “Llaca” and “Cojup”. Take the left turn to Llaca and continue ascending until you decide to get out and walk.


  • Quebrada Cojup

One of the best day hikes in the  Cordillera Blanca for dramatic scenery and points of interest, Cojup and its affiliated high glacier lake Palcacocha have recently made international news due to the science community whom have installed research stations to monitor the affects of Climate Change. Beyond data for scientists the trek offers a great hike for people whom want a long and gentle hike.

Cojup Valley-The-Lazy-Dog-Inn
Pucarana Glacier as seen from Cojup Valley

Cojup Trail Description

The trailhead is located 5 km’s or a 10-minute drive from the front gates of The Lazy Dog Inn. This is an out and back hike, with the highlight being the crystal-blue glacier fed lake of Palcacocha. It’s approximately 13 kilometers each way from the start of the trail to the lake, making it a 26-kilometer hike from the trailhead and a 36-kilometer hike from the front gates of The Lazy Dog Inn. For this reason, many guests opt for a taxi transport so they can maximize their time exploring the national park.

Around 2 hours into the hike, you will arrive to a lookout with jagged peaks of Mount Ranrapalca and two stark glaciers Pucaranra and Palcaraju. From this point another 2 to 2.5 hours will bring you to the high glacier lake Palcacocha which sits under the glaciers. The last km to the lakes is uphill while most of the hike is longer and a lesser incline. The lake is located at 4,567 meters, with a 837 meter elevation gain from the lodge. Allow 7-9 hours hiking in and out from the trailhead, out and back. The trail is well marked and clear.

Arrival from The Lazy Dog Inn

If you love long hikes you can walk the 5km’s from the lodge to the trailhead by a desolate (and beautiful) country road. Upon exiting the front gates follow a double track animal trail to the right until your arrive on a main country road that sits just above the lodge. Follow the dirt road to the right and continue walking until the road splits, take the fork to the right that says “Cojup”, and continue on. You will cross a stream, then reach a wooden gate, and hut (chappa) on your left that marks the beginning of the trail head. The double track road and large gate were recently installed for the scientific community to access the data collected at Lake Palcacocha. As the hike is already long, we typically recommend taking a 15-minute private vehicle ride to the trailhead so you can reach Lake Palcacocha and return to the lodge in a day.

Arrival from Huaraz

The closest access point from Huaraz is driving to El Pinar, thru the town of Marian, past Cachipampa Alta. You will eventually come to another dirt road with a “Lazy Dog Inn” sign and a white post that is marked KM 12. At this intersection take a right and follow the dirt road until it forks to the right and is marked “Cojup”. Continue following the road, crossing a river you will find the trailhead head 30 meters ahead on the left marked by a wooden gate and small hut (chappa).


  • Laguna Churup

One of the best day hikes in  the Cordillera Blancas if you want to mix your hike with some simple aid climbing up boulders and panoramic views of the Cordillera Negra. We recommend starting this trek no later than 8:30am to avoid the busses of hikers that come up from Huaraz. This becomes even more important during the rainy season, as the two sections where you climb up boulders can make these sections dangerously slippery.

Churup is one the most popular day hikes in the Cordillera Blancas due to its deep-blue lake nestled in a crater surrounded by jagged peaks. The trailhead starts next to the farming communityof Pitec and the trek is 7 km round-trip from the gate.  In 3,5 kilometers you gain around 700 meters in elevation, with each step bringing a completely different vantage point of the surrounding Cordilleras Negra and Blanca.

Churup Trail Description

From the trailhead you will ascend a sharp incline for about an hour. Every 20 meters or so there are wooden canopies where you can rest and escape from the sun. After an hour the trail enters a narrow valley where you will come upon a set of boulders with a bolted cable. Using the cables for support you can aid climb up the slick, rocky incline. It’s a little spicy, but safe and intuitive if you focus on planting your feet in the appropriate spots.

From Churup Lake you can continue following the trail to a look-out point (mirador) or continue to climb to a second lake known as Churupita. The hike can be done as a loop to avoid having to descend the boulders you climbed up. From the mirador, follow the trail to the left and descend, taking care of the apple-sized rocks underfoot. This descent is steep but easier for many who do not want to return via the cable and climb Allow 4-5 hours out and back and an additional 1.5 hours if including Churupita, the small lake above.

Laguna Churup

Arrival from The Lazy Dog Inn

The Churup trailhead is located 8km one way from the lodge via a high mountain road which can be accessed from the town of Ullpa or above Cachipampa. It’s best to get vehicle support, but distance runners may prefer to run from the lodge to the trailhead.  From the lodge by foot, outside of the front gates, take the double track animal trail to the right and follow it until you arrive to the main country road. At the road turn right and follow the road, staying to the right at the fork which is labeled “Cojup”. Continue on the road where you will reach another intersection with a set of signs, follow the road to the left and continue on until you arrive to a parking area and obvious trail head.

By vehicle, follow the driveway to the road that took you through the town of Marian and Cachipampa. Upon arriving to the water tank take a right, where you will hit another dirt road that has a white post that is marked KM 12 and a Lazy Dog Inn sign. Here take a right. Follow the road through the fork, taking the right split marked “Cojup” past the Cojup trail head where you will arrive to another country road intersection. At this intersection take a left and follow the road through the farming community of Pitec. Around 2 km’s after the last intersection you will arrive to a large parking lot and obvious trailhead.

Arrival from Huaraz

The trailhead is located 21 km’s outside of Huaraz through the area of Nueva Florida, continuing through the small town of Unchus and passing various small farming communities. Continue following the road, until you reach an intersection where you will stay to the right passing the farming community of Pitec. Continuing down the road you will arrive to a large parking lot and the trail head. Plan for around 55 minutes of travel time by vehicle.

  • Quebrada Quilcayhuanca

Offering not only a great day hike option, but an overnight option in the Cordillera Blanca, Quebrada Quilcayhuanca is a deep, granite, valley laced with waterfalls, a small river, and views of some seriously tall peaks averaging over 6,000 meters. The trail heard starts at around 3,800 meters in elevation. On a clear day views of Tullparaju and Chinchey are visible in the distance and along the way you can see pre-Incan tombs, pictographs, terracing and waterfalls.

Quilcayhuanca Trail Description

From the start of the trailhead if you head to the large rocks located on the right side of the stream you will find your first set of pictographs. About 2-2.5 hours you will reach a small archeological site “Tambo “resting area/tombs originating from the pre-Incan times when people from the Conchucos Valley made the long trek to the Callejon de Huaylas.

About 8km into the hike the valley forks, you can either stay to the left to hike to the two high mountain lakes or go to the right towards the Cayesh Valley (recommended day hike option). From the Cayesh Valley you will see the river rushing down into the valley and views of Cayesh and Maparaju peaks. Taking the left you will continue climbing to Laguna Tullparaju located 4,250 meters where icebergs float in the lake below the peak which has the same name. Continue on for another hour or so and you will reach Laguna Cuchillacocha located at a stout 4,600 meters.

Laguna Tullpacocha is located about 13KM from the trailhead entrance, Laguna Cuchillacocha is located about 17km from the trailhead entrance and is best done over two days. For people interested in just a day trek it’s recommended to hike to the fork or the Cayesh Valley and back for a round-trip hike of 16km.

Note: This is the start of the two-day loop trek over Huapi Pass that peaks out an impressive 5100 Meters and down a steep, haphazardly marked route to the Cojup Valley, a great overnight trekking option.

Nevada Tallaraju as seen from the Quilcyhuanca Valley

Arrival from The Lazy Dog Inn

From the Lazy Dog Inn the trailhead is located approximately 12 kilometers and takes around 30 minutes to arrive from our main gates. From our driveway turn right arriving to a country road with a white post that is marked KM 12, and a Lazy Dog Inn sign. Here take a left, staying to the right at the fork 3km down the road, towards the Cojup trailhead. About 2 kilometers past the Cojup trailhead you will arrive to another intersection, turn left where you will pass through the farming community of Pitec. Look for the large Churup trailhead parking lot and continue down the road another 4 kilometers where you will arrive to a parking area, stone gate, and a small care-takers hut. Here you will need to pay the gatekeeper before beginning the trail.


Arrival from Huaraz

The trailhead is located approximately 25 km’s outside of Huaraz and will take around 1 hour to arrive from Huaraz. Head to the small community of Unchus ascending through the area of Nueva Florida, and passing several small farming communities. Continue following the road, until you reach an intersection where you will stay to the right passing the farming community of Pitec. Continuing down the road you will arrive to a large parking lot and the trail head for Churup, continue down the road for another 4 kilometers. The road dead-ends to a small parking area with a stone gate and small care-takers hut.


  • Quebrada Shallap

One of the best day hikes in the Cordillera Blanca for an easy to moderate and this hike, with a gentle slope, can take around 7-8 hours depending on your starting point. It can be accessed from the small town of Jancu (45 – 55 minute car ride from the Lazy Dog Inn ) or a slightly longer hike from the parking area at Pitec located in front the Churup trail head.

Shallap Trail Description

From the parking area of Churup, head to the right and continue hiking the trail for 25 minutes. From Jancu it is around 16 km round-trip and from Pitec around 20 km round-trip. Transportation is recommended for drop off and pick up.

Once in the Quebrada, a walk across the valley from Pitec or the town of Jancu, you will reach the Huascaran Park Sign and entrance gates at 4000 m, approx. 2 hours from Pitec. The path ascends the picturesque valley through meadows and seasonal waterfalls until the moraine. Pass the old Ingemmet Hut and reach the lake at 4300 about 3 hours from the entrance. The lake lies below the snowcapped Nevado San Juan.

Arrival from The Lazy Dog Inn

The most direct route to the Quebrada Shallap is from the driveway turn right and head up to the main country road. At the main country road turn right again, driving past a fork and staying to the right marked “Cojup”. Continuing on past the Cojup trailhead you will arrive to another intersection where you will turn left, passing the farming community of Pitec towards the Laguna Churup. Upon reaching the large parking lot for Laguna Churup, park here, and head the opposite direction of the Laguna Churup trailhead, east, towards the Quebrada Shallap trailhead, which you should arrive after approximately 30 minutes of hiking.

Arrival from Huaraz

From Huaraz you will want to head towards the town of Jancu, which is North East from the city of Huaraz. To access the town, head North East and the street Diego Ferrer and follow it all the way to the town of Jancu, which takes approximately 45 minutes to arrive. From the town you can access the trail head for Quebrada Shallap.


  • Laguna Rajucolta

This is a good day hike for acclimatizing as the lake sits about 250 meters lower than most lakes in the Cordillera Blancas and is a gentle incline from the trailhead gates to the lake. Whilst the hike requires more driving than the hikes right outside our lodge, the reward is a crystal blue lake cradled under the towering Nevado Huantsan which boasts an impressive height of 6,395 meters.

Rajucolta Trail Description

The entrance is via the small town of Macashca and follows an 18 km bumpy dirty road. (about 2 – 2.5 hours from the Lazy Dog Inn). From the start of the trail it is about 6 km to the deep blue colored Laguna Tambillo, 4250 m, at the foot of the snowcapped Huantsan Glacier. Transportation is required and the hike  is 12-13 km round-trip. The trail is wide and clearly marked all the way from the main gates to the lake.

Nevada Huantsan as seen from the Rajucolta hike


Arrival from The Lazy Dog Inn

From the Lazy Dog Inn, the quickest route is returning to Huaraz through Marian and heading to the town of Macashca, located South East from the own of Huaraz. Upon arriving to Huaraz get on Confraternidad Oeste and head South until you arrive to a large wooden sign that says “Macashca”, take the corresponding dirt road up. Upon arriving to town follow the dirt road that parallels the river, crossing the bridge to the right upon reaching a fork in the road right after the town, until you reach the National Park entry gates. Here you can park you and start your trek, which is about a 12 km hike out and back to the lake.


Arrival from Huaraz

Head South on Confraternidad Oeste and head South until your reach route “3N” which you will take all the way to Macashca, which can be easy to find with the help of a GPS. Upon arriving to town follow the dirt road that parallels the river until you reach the National Park entry gates. Here you can park you and start your trek, which is about a 12 km hike out and back to the lake.


Sustainable Building with Adobe

Sustainable Building in the Andes

We are an Eco-Mountain Lodge from the ground up, which is evident in the way we sustainably built all of our on-site buildings. All buildings at the LDI were sustainably built with the use of local  materials to minimize the environmental impacts resulting from extraction and transportation of materials from remote locations.  Our buildings are constructed of seismically reinforced adobe (mud brick) using soil taken right from our property, locally harvested wood for our roof structures and rock for the building foundations. Each brick was made by hand and mixed without the use of any electrical tools.

Sustainable Building Technique

Adobe is a great material for sustinable building as it’s not just an insulator, but a temperature regulator.  How do you sustainably build a lodge and ensure that it’s stable? The adobe construction is seismically reinforced in various ways. First the adobe blocks themselves have a larger surface area (45cm x 45cm) than the traditional 20 x 40cm blocks used locally.  Secondly a small amount of straw and sand was mixed with the finer particle clay soils found on the property to produce blocks of optimal resistance and flexibility.  The adobe blocks were also produced with a 5cm hole in the middle of each block to allow for the vertical placement of  5/8”steel rebar through every block which was anchored into the concrete foundation and the wooden roof beams. Finally two layers of wire mesh were fixed to both the internal and external surfaces of every wall prior to applying the final layers of mortar and paint.

Supporting the Local Economy

Part of the practice in sustainable building is using local products so that we only needed to bring in tiles and windows from Lima, resulting in a minimum carbon foot-print for each building erected. In addition all of our builders are from the local communities so each building helped the economy of several households within the local indigenous villages.

Mountain Eco-Lodge Zero Waste Systems

To Be an Eco-Lodge: Zero Waste Systems

We don’t take the term “eco-lodge” lightly, and we relfect our principles in the way that we handle our waste. All of the waste systems at The Lazy Dog Inn Mountain Lodge are designed to minimize, reuse or recycle all the wastes we generate.  This includes all our solid wastes, kitchen and garden wastes, all human and animal manure and all wastewater from the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry areas. The result is a minimal impact on the local environment and less use of precious resources.


Human & Horse Manure

To recycle human waste we use custom made toilets  from our own design. Our 2 chamber odorless dry composting toilets are made of cement by our workers here at The Lazy Dog Inn. These toilets allow all human manure to be collected and combined with horse manure to produce a rich, organic compost full of earthworms that’s eventually used to fertilize our horse pastures and vegetable gardens. The whole process of breaking down the manure can take anywhere from 4-6 months depending on the weather and produces a rich and nutritionally dense soil.


Reusing Water

All our wastewater and urine is combined and sent to a sub-surface infiltration (leach field) system that irrigates our horse pasture year round.  To help minimize our impact on the local watershed we collect rain water from our main lodge roof to help irrigate our vegetable gardens and greenhouses.  This also minimizes our intake of precious irrigation water from local water canals that the local indgenous communities use for washing, personal consumption, and watering their fields, gardens and animals.

Kitchen & Garden Wastes

All solid wastes that can be recycled are collected and brought to local recyclers in Huaraz. All the food products we purchase we purchase in bulk (unpacked) form wherever possible. All organic wastes go into the compost process and eventually are used back into our gardens, fields, and greenhouses. Any waste that cannot be composted, recycled, or repurposed we burn.


A True Eco-Lodge

As a result of these systems we have no sewage or waste water discharges from our property and no septic tanks.  Over 90% of all the waste we generate at The Lazy Dog Inn are reused, composted or recycled to create a true eco-lodge, offering  sustainability with comfort.

The Cordillera Blanca

Orientating Yourself to the Cordillera Blanca

The Cordillera Blanca is part of the Andean chain and spans 200KM or 124 miles, running South to North West.  Home to some of the highest tropical glaciers in the world the range has over 700 glaciers and over 300 accompanying crystalline lakes. Huaraz is the biggest town in the Cordillera Blanca, located right in the middle of the mountains. Huaraz’s location and size is one of the reasons why so many people choose to use the city as a homebase. There are smaller towns more conveniently located to trailheads with great national park access, however, they don’t typically have all the comforts one would find in Huaraz.

Where The Lazy Dog Is Located

The Lazy Dog Inn, mountain lodge, is located in the South Central area of the Cordillera Blanca. Look on the map above.  We are located East of Huaraz in-between Wilcawain and the Llaca & Cojup Valleys located in Huascaran National Park. The Llaca and Cojup hikes are located right next to the lodge and can be accessed without a vehicle. Hike up the Llaca or Cojup Valley and you will be rewarded with some of the largest glaciers in the area and crystalline lakes. Churup Lake is the most well-known hike in the area and offers panoramic views of both the Cordillera Blanca and Negra with the summit ending at a clear-lake cradled by peaks.

Where Llaganuco Lakes & Laguna 69 are Located

Llaganuco Lakes and Laguna 69, two of the most publicized hikes in the area located approximately 3 hours from Huaraz. On the map above locate Yungay then track East (up) to find the Llaganuco Lakes and Laguna 69 trailheads. Note that the trailheads are located quite far from Huaraz, making for long days in the car. For hikers that prefer more time walking then driving, consider a local hike. Many hikes in the Southern Cordillera are just as beautiful and not as crowded.

For suggestions of things to do in our area, click here, for top recommended sites and hikes you can comfortably do from The Lazy Dog Inn.

How to Get from Lima to Huaraz

How to get from Lima to Huaraz

Huaraz is located in the Andes North-East of Lima. You can get from Lima to Huaraz one of three ways:

  • Bus
  • Plane
  • Auto

When arriving to The Lazy Dog Inn, we accept guests between the hours of 7am- 8pm. Huaraz has a strong indigenous culture that haven’t been subject to the tourism traffic that the South of Peru experiences. As a result, the infrastructures isn’t quite as developed as in the South of Peru. The poor infrastructure makes travel by day ideal to navigate the poorly marked and rough roads. We are happy to arrange a private taxi pick-up with prior notice; pricing is for a secure taxi that can fit up to four people. For larger groups we can arrange a 12-person passenger van with advanced notice. Please inquire for pricing.

From Lima to Huaraz By Bus

The bus ride from Lima to Huaraz takes approximately 8.5 hours . We recommend departing Lima either late night or early morning so as to arrive with-in the hours of 7am and 8pm. Cruz del Sur , Oltursa, Moviltours are the three bus lines when considering safety records, policies and Lima bus station locations. We are located 30 minutes on a dirt road from any Huaraz bus station. A private taxi can be arranged to transfer you to the lodge for 40 soles in the day and 50 soles at night.

From Lima to Huaraz by Plane

LC Peru is the only airline that flies between Lima and Huaraz. Flights depart every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, and are approximately 50 minutes. Their planes do not have navigational systems to take-off and land during rain storms. To avoid delays and cancellations we only recommend this option during the dry season during the months of May-October. Any flights during the rainy season have a 50% chance of being cancelled until the following scheduled departure. We are located approximately 1 hour  from the airport. Private taxis from the airport to The Lazy Dog Inn can be arranged in advance for 90 soles.

From Lima to Huaraz by Car

We are located from Lima 7.5 hours by vehicle. We recommend to leave early morning (between the hours of 5am to 6am) so as to avoid the heavy traffic of the city. Click here to view our driving instructions from Huaraz to The Lazy Dog Inn. Please let us know an approximate arrival time so as we can ensure someone is here to open the gates and greet you.

Renting a Car ?

There are several places to rent a car in Lima. One thing to consider when deciding what sort of vehicle, you would like to rent, is if you would like to independently explore the roads around the Cordillera Blanca with your rental car. While a 4 x 4 vehicle isn’t necessary, the dirt and gravel roads off of the highway can be rough, rocky and filled with holes, so a vehicle with a higher clearance is best to avoid damages.



Horseback Rides Near Huaraz

Horseback Rides Huaraz

Finding a quality horseback ride in Huaraz and the surrounding area can be difficult if you would like to connect with your animal as opposed to just sitting on a horse. Not only do we provide training for each rider before we leave the safety of the yard, our location is ideal for world-class trails outside of our front gates. Our mountain lodge, The Lazy Dog Inn is located on the borders of Huascaran National Park 30 minutes outside of Huaraz, in-between three indigenous communities, the area is a horse riding paradise of unfenced, rural trails. Just outside our front gates you will find spectacular views of the white-capped mountains of the Cordillera Blanca, Cordillera Negra and Huaraz.  Passing by indigenous farms and mud brick homes, via quiet, country roads you can explore and observe the local communities. Our Western riding style reflects the history of the Americas, a style evolving from ranching and warfare brought to the Americas by the Spanish Conquistadors.

Horeseback Ride Training Techniques

A secret to our success with horse rides involves using the training techniques of Dan “Buck” Brannaman, which stems from the natural “horsemanship movement” which stray from the traditional “breaking” of horses. In many communities around the Huaraz area “breaking” a horse involves men with sticks and a case of beer. At the Lazy Dog Inn we start our horse rides by grooming and saddling selected horses to form a personal connection and create a sense of confidence and trust. Once trust and confidence are established this ensures a positive experience for both the rider and the horse.

Horseback Rides Huaraz, the Lazy Dog Inn
Horseback rides at The Lazy Dog Inn, becoming acquainted with the horse.

Location of our Huaraz Lodge & Horseback rides

As we are located 30 minutes from Huaraz, The Lazy Dog horse rides are given by appointment only, run approximately 2.5 hours and are only offered in the mornings to avoid the strong Andean sun and potential rainstorms. Routes offered depend on weather conditions, community activities, and the rider’s experience.  We have a number of strong, gentle horses either pasos or criollos, all familiar with our backcountry terrain.  All horses are first ridden within the property before going out onto gentle trails through local countryside and communities. Given the altitude and rocky terrain the rides are geared to walking with some opportunities for trots and gallops if desired. For young children wanting to ride, we offer riding in our riding-ring only, as we have no ponies on-site.

Horse rides are  100 soles per person for visitors coming from Huaraz, and on-site guests are given preference for any open slots. Pricing includes lunch at the local community café Yura Yacu (open seasonally) providing employment and empowerment to local women, or an authentic Peruvian dish at a local home. Lunch at a local home should be arranged in advance and is offered at an additional cost. Click Here to see where we are located in the Cordillera Blanca and Click Here to read some Trip Advisor reviews regarding our Horseback rides.

How to Get from Huaraz to The Lazy Dog Inn

How to get from Huaraz to The Lazy Dog Inn (BY CAR):

How to get to The Lazy Dog Inn Directions in ENGLISH:  

There are a variety of routes to take from Huaraz to the Lazy Dog Inn, however, we do have occasional unpredictable road closures or disruptions by municipal road works.  To arrive without trouble, we strongly suggest to contact us first to see which routes are open. Please note that we advise against using a GPS based application to navigate the route from Huaraz as it will take you on impassable or very difficult roadways.

El Pinar Route-Most direct with the best roads.

We are located 30 mins from the city center of Huaraz.  When arriving you will see multiple signs “Welcoming” you to  Huaraz. When the road divides stay to the left. Look for the soccer stadium on your left with two traffic circles, one at the beginning and one at the end.  At the intersection marked by the last traffic circle and soccer stadium turn right onto (Ave. Raymondi).  Head straight up the road, past the central market on the right through 3 sets of lights. Stay on Ave. Raymondi until you reach the T-intersection with a stoplight, this is “Confraternidad Este”. On Confraternidad Este, at the light, turn left and follow the road over a concrete bridge until you reach the first stop light,  called “Manco Capac”.

At “Manco Capac” turn right and follow the road all the way up the hill until you reach the front of a gated community called El Pinar. Just before the gated community, at the large billboard advertising an orthodontist, turn right up the dirt road. After driving about 1 Km on the dirt road you will arrive to another T-intersection with a large soccer field on the opposite side of the road (this is the town of Marian).  At the T-intersection turn left and drive up about 3.5 KM through Casaria Cachipampa.  We are at the top of the hill with a sign on the right (there is no other guest house or hotel around).  You can always ask someone in Cachipampa or Marian for “The Lazy Dog Inn” or “Casa de la Senora Diana”.

Wilcahuain Route- Best alternative route when El Pinar route is closed.

(kilometers are approximate guidelines, 40-45 minutes) Google Maps Wilcahuain

Arriving to Huaraz from Lima you will pass through an intersection with traffic lights (Pedro Villon), keep North on 3N (Confraternidad Oeste). Soon you will come to a split, stay to the left (heavy traffic route) and continue on passing the National Stadium on the left and through the intersection of Raymondi.

Continuing North some major landmarks are the Hydrandina building, Movil Tours Bus Terminal and the Military Base. After the Base the road bends to the right and intersects at a traffic light with Confraternidad Este. Turn left and within a km you will arrive to a set of lights, Jiron Elias Aguirre on the left and on the right a sign that says Wilcahuain and Paria. Turn right.  Consider this turn as km 1 and the Lazy Dog Inn is at km 12.

Within a KM the paved road becomes dirt. At approximately KM 3 the road passes over a cement bridge and continues up to the small community of Paria, a large school and health post on the left and then a church and Plaza on the right (km4-4.5). The road winds up passing a cemetery on the left and the 1st ruin (km5) here keep to the right and you will pass the 2nd ruin before crossing over a bridge (km6). Look for the white post km markers. At km 10.5 you will pass over a bridge and at km 12 you will see the sign of the Lazy Dog Inn on your right. Drive 250 meters down and left at the next Lazy Dog Inn sign and the blue water tank.

Nueva Florida Route

These are directions to The Lazy Dog Inn via Nueva Florida / Antaocia / Marian. We are located 30 minutes from the center of Huaraz. When arriving you will see multiple signs “Welcoming” you to Huaraz. The road will divide, stay to the left when it indicates heavy traffic (trucks). Within a km you will pass through a traffic circle with a light, stay straight, noting the soccer stadium on the left. Eventually you will come to another set of traffic lights and a principal road “Ave Raymondi”, take a right.  Stay on Raymondi, straight up the road, past the central market on the right and through 3 sets of lights. You will arrive to a “T” intersection with a set of lights at “Confraternidad Este”, turn left. Within a few meters you will turn right onto a very bumpy, dirt road where they wash cars, note the river is on your left-hand side, this is Nueva Florida.

Within less than a minute you will pass a pedestrian bridge on the left, within another minute also on the left-hand side,  you will arrive to a 1 lane cement bridge. Take a left and drive over the one-lane cement bridge onto a paved road. Continuing up the road, you will come to a “Y”intersection, stay to the left with the sign that says “Wallac”.  Within a KM the road becomes dirt, passes over a bridge and you will see the “Wallac site” on the left-hand side of the road. Stay on the dirt road a couple of minutes or so, until you arrive to a smaller “Y” intersection with a faded blue chapel on the right, stay to the left. The road remains dirt and ascends, note the gravel/dirt pit on the left, and less than a minute past the gravel pit note the chain link fence on both the left and right-hand sides of the road. Continue on the main road, passing a residental area and eventually you will arrive to a small town center with a church in front with a statue and a school on the right, this is the town center of Marian. This section of the trip takes about 5-7 minutes from the Nueva Florida road to the Marian town center.

From the town center of Marian, continue straight on the main road, passing a large soccer field on your right. At the end of the soccer field continue on the dirt road, passing a small convenience store on the right, you will start ascending a dirt road with cement tracks. Continue ascending the narrow dirt road with cement tracks, with houses on both sides, this area is known as Caseria Cachipampa. Once the road widens the road flattens for about 100 meters and you will pass a large whitish house on your left and a green house on your right with dogs that chase your car. Once you pass this house you will start ascending again and there will be very few homes. Keep ascending and within 7 minutes or so you will arrive to a blue water tank on your left and a “The Lazy Dog Inn” sign on your right, take a right here. Upon arriving to our gates simply honk or send us a message so we can open the gates for you. This section of the trip will take about 15-20 minutes. If you are feeling unsure you can ask anyone in the area “donde esta la casa de la Sra. Diana?”. If you arrive to a “T” in the dirt roads you know you have gone too far and need to back track and search for the blue water tank and “The Lazy Dog Inn” sign.

Direcciones en ESPANOL:  Nota:  Por favor no usar su GPS cuando manejando de Huaraz.  Su GPS la va a direjir a 1 o 2 calles en condicciones terrible o sin salidas.  De Lima gire a la carretera en Patavillca girar a la derecha y a 210 Km esperan 3.5-4 horas dependiendo del clima y parada.  Estamos otro 20-30 minutos de la ciudad.  Cuando llegues a Huaraz se llega a un estadio de futbol, a la izquierda con una rotondo gire a la derecha (Avenida Raymondi).  Va hacia arriba por unos Kms mas y pasara el mercado central a la derecha y va a travesar 3 semaforos.  Al cuarto semaforo, el mas lejano a la colina, usted esta en una interseccion de T (Confraternidad), aqui gire a la izquierda.

Va a pasar un puente de cemento y aqui gira a la derecha en el primer semaforo (Manco Capac).  La carretera asfaltada curva para unos pocos Kms hasta que se detenga frente a una comunidad cerrada que no tiene senal pero el El Pina.  Gire a la derecha y conduzca 1 Km en camino de tierra hasta un campo de futbol grande (este es el pueblo de Marian).  Gire a la izquierda y suba unos 3.5 KM a traves de la Casarilla Cachipampa.  Estamos en la parte superion con un cartel a la derecha (no hay otro hotel cerca de nosotros).  Puede preguntar en Cachipampa o Marian por el “Lazy Dog” o por “La casa de la senora Diana.”

Coming from Huaraz to the Lazy Dog Inn (WITHOUT A CAR):  There is no public transportation that will bring you to our front door.  Here are your options for getting to us.

  1. Walk and take a colectivo(shared transport).  Go to Avenida Raymondi and take the #15 to “Marian/ Cachipampa.”  Make sure that it says both Marian and Cachipampa.  If it only says Marian you will have to walk ~45 mins to us, but if it says both Marian and Cachipampa the walk is ~20 mins.  The collectivo is S/1 to Marian and S/1.50 to Cachipampa.  Once in Cachipampa (which is the last stop of the colectivo) walk up the road ~20 mins until you see our sign.  If you get out in Marian you will walk up the road ~45 mins.  NOTE:  colectivos are less frequent on Sundays and evenings.  They stop running before 8pm daily.