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Best Day Hikes Near Huaraz

Best Day Hikes from The Lazy Dog Inn Some of the best day hikes located in the Cordillera Blanca mountain range are found on the Southern side of the mountain range, next to The Lazy Dog Inn Mountain Lodge. The … Read More

Sustainable Building with Adobe

Sustainable Building in the Andes We are an Eco-Mountain Lodge from the ground up, which is evident in the way we sustainably built all of our on-site buildings. All buildings at the LDI were sustainably built with the use of … Read More

Mountain Eco-Lodge Zero Waste Systems

To Be an Eco-Lodge: Zero Waste Systems We don’t take the term “eco-lodge” lightly, and we relfect our principles in the way that we handle our waste. All of the waste systems at The Lazy Dog Inn Mountain Lodge are … Read More

The Cordillera Blanca

Orientating Yourself to the Cordillera Blanca The Cordillera Blanca is part of the Andean chain and spans 200KM or 124 miles, running South to North West.  Home to some of the highest tropical glaciers in the world the range has … Read More

How to Get from Lima to Huaraz

How to get from Lima to Huaraz Huaraz is located in the Andes North-East of Lima. You can get from Lima to Huaraz one of three ways: Bus Plane Auto When arriving to The Lazy Dog Inn, we accept guests … Read More

Horseback Rides Near Huaraz

Horseback Rides Huaraz Finding a quality horseback ride in Huaraz and the surrounding area can be difficult if you would like to connect with your animal as opposed to just sitting on a horse. Not only do we provide training … Read More

How to Get from Huaraz to The Lazy Dog Inn

How to get from Huaraz to The Lazy Dog Inn (BY CAR): How to get to The Lazy Dog Inn Directions in ENGLISH:   There are a variety of routes to take from Huaraz to the Lazy Dog Inn, however, … Read More