The Peruvian Andes and The Callejon De Huaylas 

All year round travelling

One should not think of the Cordillera Blanca mountains as a destination for only the months of May through September (the dry season and Peru's winter) but for the whole year. Undoubtedly, the best time for climbing, trekking, and mountain biking in the Cordillera Blanca mountains is during this season.  June and July will offer you clear blue skies, cold starlit nights and little wind.  In August winds arise and the chance of afternoon rains increases.  As in any part of the world, conditions will vary with each mountain you decide to climb.  

In addition to the climbing season, all of the months offer views and experiences well worth exploring. The wet season, January through April brings out all the green vegetation and wild flowers. Dry, gray hills and valleys explode with color. Rivers flow, waterfalls appear and the rumble of thunder in the afternoon brings the needed rain. Hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, running and trekking are all activities you can do. Your main consideration should be to leave early in the morning with rain gear in your pack and return in the mid afternoon. 

Festivals, Parades, and Activities

Throughout the year Huaraz and neighboring towns and villages host festivals, parades and special activities. Some of these are large as in the Easter weekend. During this time, people from all over Peru and the Peruvian Andes flock to Huaraz to take part in the religious processions and enjoy the natural area around the city. By staying at our mountain lodge, you can easily go to and see smaller processions in valleys close by. Many people from the communities wear their traditional clothing during festivals adding a splash of color to an already interesting attraction. Local groups play music for hours, children dance while the animals run around the activities.

Life in our community

Life for the local residents does not change drastically throughout the year. Every day from the lodge you see women and children walking their animals up to the valleys for a day of grazing. It is a usual sight to see young children mastering the technique of controlling a herd of sheep, a few bulls, cows and the odd donkey. Their little, yappy dogs follow close behind to help keep the animals in order and warn them of strange people or other animals close by. Men will be seen plowing the fields with bulls a yoke and a plow. It's hard work for all of them. Harvest time is delightful to watch as the farmers bring their horses down from the quebradas and prepare a circle on the land to thresh the grain. Everyone participates, every animal has its place and every person has his or her job. When the crop of Quinoa (a highly nutritious Andean grain) is ready, its red and gold seeds shimmer in the sun. The grain is picked whole as a plant from the ground and hit against rocks and mats to loosen the seed. After the seed is placed in a circular straw plate and turned in the wind allowing the unneeded bits and pieces to be blown away leaving only the edible grain behind.

The Lazy Dog Inn

As the clear night skies are enhanced here at the Inn by sitting around an outside fire pit, so are the rainy nights by sitting in front of your warm fireplace. Nestled in at The Lazy Dog Inn, Bed and Breakfast, you hear the sounds of rain on the roof and skylights as you plan your early next day departure, knowing that you will arrive back to a fireplace, a hot bath and dry clothes. One of the many memorable experiences at the lodge that you can experience any time of the year.

Planning your trip

So, when planning your trip remember that daily life goes on throughout the year. People work and celebrate colors change and crops are harvested. Hikes lead you to lovely destinations and whether you are an active person or someone who wishes to relax ,The Lazy Dog Inn is a place where you can be witness to or participate in activities all year long.