Andean Alliance (Asociacion Civil) 

Our organization & objectives

Andean Alliance (Asociaci√≥n Civil) is a Peruvian Grassroots Organization based in Huaraz, Peru at the base of the spectacular Cordillera Blanca Mountains.  Find us at
Our objectives are:
1.To support improved natural resource management and conservation practices among the Andean people in ways that provides them with greater economic opportunities, and
2. To conserve Andean cultural and social traditions and strengthen the cultural pride of Andean people.
Andean Alliance is focused on supporting community based development planning efforts and implementing programs to strengthen the economic base of Andean communities while enhancing social and environmental conditions. We are dedicated to raising funds through innovative non-government channels that includes everything from simple donations from concerned citizens to the establishment of profitable community businesses and the raising of funds through international capital markets (Investors For Development Program).

Who we are

Andean Alliance is a group of concerned people who recognize there can be no real security, peace or prosperity in this world while huge numbers of people are left outside the doors of opportunity in life. Global problems can only be avoided, and true prosperity achieved, by countless citizens working together through countless local initiatives and partnerships.

The Andes Mountains are host to some of the world's most stunning and ecologically diverse natural habitats . large tracts of our planet's natural history formed over millions of years - irreplaceable heirlooms of Earth's natural history and cornerstones of our own identity. The Andes are also home to ancient human cultures that today are the remnants of the largest human civilization to develop outside the known world until only 500 years ago . and which today struggle to earn their rightful place at the human table. Ancient languages, cultures and knowledge, and the natural world that shaped them, are being lost forever by the "Bull in the China Shop" advance of modern society. Unavoidable perhaps, but the choice is ours, to face a future of concern and uncertainty weakened by having squandered our natural and human capital, or to face that future equipped with a full range of resources and human ingenuity united for the fight.

How to contact us

For existing or future projects and other information, you can contact us at:

Andean Alliance

P.O. Box 94, Serpost, Peru

e-mail: wlamphier (AT)

or: dbmorris (AT)