Payment Information

Special notes

  • Published Room Rates are already discounted when paying by cash, when paying by credit cards the price is 5% more.
  • General Check Out is at 11:00 am and Check In after 1:00.  However, as buses arrive early and leave late please inquire about arriving early, having breakfast or leaving later and having dinner here.
  • If you are coming as a tourist, please allow us to take a photocopy of your passport so that we can exempt you from the 18% Government Sales Tax on Hotels.

Accepted payment methods

  • Note that we accept only Visa to pay for your guestroom.
  • Additional items purchased while staying at the Inn can be paid by soles or dollars.  Please note that all bills need to be in GOOD-GREAT condition.  We cannot accept ripped or old bills.  You can also make payments for additional items by Visa (with a 5% surcharge).
  • For payment of deposits please see below.
  • You are welcomed to pay your whole room stay with us in advance.
  • *Please let us know if you have any questions about our accepted payment methods.


  • We work only with reservations and deposits are required.  A 50% deposit is needed to hold the reservation.  
  • Deposits can be made in country via the Scotia Bank, an International Bank Transfer with a $25.00 charge for costs on our end, by Western Union or Visa on line.
  • If you are coming from Canada, you may make a direct deposit there.

Refunds and cancellation policy

  • Deposits are non-refundable when cancelled within two weeks of the reservation.  
  • Deposits are 50% refundable if canceled within two to four weeks of the reservation.
  • Deposits are 100% refundable a month or more prior to the reservation.
  • Note that you are responsible for any related charges when refunding the money.