Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Accomodations & Pricing

Q:  What time is check-in/ check-out?

A:  General Check-in is at 11:00 am and Check-out is at 1:00 pm.  However, as buses arrive early and leave late please inquire about arriving early and having breakfast, or leaving later and having dinner before your bus back to your next destination.

Q:  What type of accomodation do you offer and what are your rates?

A:  We offer suites, cabins and even a luxury Tipi.  Please see our "Accomodations & Rates" page for a gallery of our accommodations and rates.  The Lazy Dog Inn and its accomodations are truly unique adobe structures built entirely by hand.  No equipment or electricity was used an all labor was provided by our community neighbors.  Virtually all materials used in the contructing the mountain lodge came from the immediate area reducing the environmental damange that comes with harvesting, transporting and treating building materials that come from remote locations.  The adobe buildings themselves are comprised of 45 cm thick seismically reinforced walls, with steel rebar passing through every brick between the foundations, roof, and the optimal soil mix used to make the adobe blocks. 

Q:  What's included in the accomodation package price?

A:  All room prices (excluding the Luxury Tipi) include a home-made breakfast and 3 course dinner.  If you are thinking of booking the Luxury Tipi, we offer an option to bring and cook your own food, or we can prepare breakfast and dinner for you.

Our Location

Q:  What's the elevation of The Lazy Dog Inn?

A:  We are located at 3,650 meters (11,975 feet).  We are almost 600 meters (2,000 feet) higher than Huaraz, which is located at 3,052 meters (10,010 feet).    

Q:  How do we get to The Lazy Dog Inn from Lima or Huaraz? 

A: See our "Location & Getting Here" page for detailed instructions on how to get to our Inn.

Our Meals (Food and Meal Times)

Q:  What sort of food can I expect at The Lazy Dog Inn?

A:  Fresh local home-made food.  At The Lazy Dog Inn we are passionate about serving great food produced from local ingredients.  Most of our vegetables come from our 7 greenhouses.  We offer home-cooked food using fresh healthy ingredients, inspired by Peru.  We accomodate vegetarians and special dietary needs or tastes with some advance notice.  You are guaranteed to never go hungry!  See our "Fresh Local Food" page for more information.

Q:  What time is dinner?

A:  We have family style dinner at ~7-7:30pm.  Family style means that you will have an opportunity to get to know other guests and to share with them your travel tips and stories. 

Q:  Do you sell snacks for our hikes?

A:  We are able to arrange lunch to go for your day hikes (lunch to go consists of sandwich, cookies, and fruit).  We do not sell additional items such as power bars, chips, cookies, etc. and so, we suggest that you bring these items with you for your day hikes. 


Q:  What should we bring to The Lazy Dog Inn?

A:  We are located at 3,650 meters (11,975 feet) in altitude and this means that weather varies greatly throughout the day.  Think about bringing layers for cool and warm temperatures.  Here is our recommended packing list.  


Q:  How can I stay in touch with my family and friends while I'm at The Lazy Dog Inn?

A:  We have WiFi throughout our main house and all the cabins, so feel free to bring your mobile, tablet, or laptop if you would like to connect via WiFi.  If you prefer to use a phone, we recommend that you bring an unlocked phone from home and pick up a SIM card from Huaraz with a calling plan.  

Q:  What sort of power do you have?

A:  We are on a municipal power grid with 220 voltage.  Because of our remote location we sometimes (rarely) have power outages and in which case we have a backup generator for basic services from 6-9pm and 7-10am.   


Q:  What is your pet policy?

A:  We love all animals, but unfortunatetly we have three big (very people friendly) dogs and as dogs go, they have formed their own family.  We therefore cannot accept your cute pets.  We thank you for your understanding!  

Q:  What is your child policy?

A:  We love kids.  Please note that we do eat dinner family style at 7 - 7:30pm and so please keep this in mind when planning your child's meal times.  

Q:  Tell us about your environmental friendly dry composting toilets:

A:  We practice sustainable living and part of this is our commitment to dry composting toilets - which are common in ecotourism.  Dry composting toilets provide an alternative to flushing away wastes.  We use "dry stuff" such as wood shavings and charcoal to "flush" the toilets.  The dry stuff keeps insects and odor away (finished compost has no smell).