Getting to The Lazy Dog Inn

The Lazy Dog Inn is located 8-12 KMs east of Huaraz.  You have several options including taking a taxi (recommended), driving yourself, riding a local combi almost to us (you would still need to walk part way), or walking all the way (not recommended).  We can arrange a secure taxi for ~S/30-40 soles from Huaraz (rates are higher at night time).  

1. Our Location:  Here is our Google Maps location.  We suggest that you cut & paste our coordinates in your mapping app (9°29'49.8"S 77°28'44.3") and that you check our section below "Coming from Lima to Huaraz (BY CAR)" to ensure that Google Maps is taking you the right way.  Google Maps gives you accurate directions from Lima to Huaraz, but once you go from Huaraz to our small community you need to follow the directions below and not use GPS.

2. Coming from Lima to Huaraz (BY BUS):  Transport from Lima to Huaraz is via public bus (7-8 hour trip) with multiple companies (Movil ToursCruz del SurOltursa) providing multiple daily departures.  One way cost per person is around S. / 35-100 soles.  We can arrange your bus tickets from Lima to Huaraz with advance notice.  We can also arrange private transportation (private vehicle or mini-bus) with advance notice.

3. Coming from Lima to Huaraz (BY PLANE):  LC Peru runs service between Lima and Huaraz 3 times per week.  Check out the airlines' website (LC Peru) for schedules, fares, weight restrictions. 

4. Coming from Lima to Huaraz (BY CAR):

Directions in ENGLISH:  Note:  Please do not use GPS when driving up from Huaraz.  It will lead you to 1 or 2 dirt roads with either no exit or in terrible condition.  From Lima take highway turn at Patavilca (note: gas up before no stops until Huaraz for this) turn right and up 210 km.  Expect 3.5-4 hours depending on weather and stops.  We are another 20-30 mins from Huaraz.  When you reach Huaraz you will arrive to a soccer stadium on your left with a traffic circle at the beginning and one at the end.  Her you turn right (Ave. Raymondi).  You go straight up for a few Kms, past the central market on the right through 3 sets of lights and the fork, the furthest up the hill, you are a T intersection (Confraternidad) you turn left.  You go over a cement bridge and turn right at the first lights (Manco Capac) and drive up the curved paved road for a few KMs until it stops in front of a gated community.  There is no sign but it is "El Pinar".  Here begins a dirt road.  Turn right and drive 1 Km on on the dirt road until a large soccer field (this is the town Marian).  When you get to the field NOT BEFORE it, but at it, turn left and drive up about 3.5 KM through Casarilla Chachipampa.  We are at the top with a sign on the right (there is no other guest house or hotel around).  You can always ask any one in Cachipampa or Marian for "The Lazy Dog Inn" or "Casa de la Senora Diana".  

Direcciones en ESPANOL:  Nota:  Por favor no usar su GPS cuando manejando de Huaraz.  Su GPS la va a direjir a 1 o 2 calles en condicciones terrible o sin salidas.  De Lima gire a la carretera en Patavillca (nota:  hagarre gasolina antes porque no hay paradas hasta Huaraz para esta pista) girar a la derecha y a 210 Km esperan 3.5-4 horas dependiendo del clima y parada.  Estamos otro 20-30 minutos de la ciudad.  Cuando llegues a Huaraz se llega a un estadio de futbol, a la izquierda con una rotondo gire a la derecha (Avenida Raymondi).  Va hacia arriba por unos Kms mas y pasara el mercado central a la derecha y va a travesar 3 semaforos.  Al cuarto semaforo, el mas lejano a la colina, usted esta en una interseccion de T (Confraternidad), aqui gire a la izquierda.  Va a pasar un puente de cemento y aqui gira a la derecha en el primer semaforo (Manco Capac).  La carretera asfaltada curva para unos pocos Kms hasta que se detenga frente a una comunidad cerrada que no tiene senal pero el El Pina.  Gire a la derecha y conduzca 1 Km en camino de tierra hasta un campo de futbol grande (este es el pueblo de Marian).  Gire a la izquierda y suba unos 3.5 KM a traves de la Casarilla Cachipampa.  Estamos en la parte superion con un cartel a la derecha (no hay otro hotel cerca de nosotros).  Puede preguntar en Chachipampa or Marian por el "Lazy Dog" or por "La casa de la senora Diana."

5. Coming from Huaraz to the Lazy Dog Inn (WITHOUT A CAR):  There is no public transportation that will bring you to our front door.  Here are your options for getting to us.

1. Take a taxi (s/30), we can arrange reliable taxis for you.  If taking a taxi back on your own, do not pay more than s/30 day, s/40 night.  Not all drivers know where the Lazy Dog is or want to drive to the Lazy Dog so you might have to ask a few before you get a ride.  The directions for the driver are: go past El Pinar ( a gated community ), then 1 km to the football field of Marian and left up the road 3.3 km though the community of Cachipampa. 

2. Walk and take a colectivo (shared transport).  Go to Avenida Raymondi and take the #15 to "Marian/ Cachipampa."  Make sure that it says both Marian and Cachipampa.  If it only says Marian you will have to walk ~45 mins to us, but if it says both Marian and Cachipampa the walk is ~20 mins.  The collectivo is S/1 to Marian and S/1.50 to Cachipampa.  Once in Cachipampa (which is the last stop of the colectivo) walk up the road ~20 mins until you see our sign.  If you get out in Marian you will walk up the road ~45 mins.  NOTE:  colectivos are less frequent on Sundays and evenings.  They stop running before 8pm daily.

6. Note on coming BY RENTAL CAR:  There are rental car services in Lima.  Please decide where you want to go before you commit to a car because if you plan to see the lakes and ruins in the Cordillera you would do well by using a vehicle with higher clearance. The roads, once off the highway are dirt and gravel and can be rough in a car. Yes, the taxis do drive everywhere here, but there are also endless taxi fix it shops, the roads can take a toll on a vehicle.  However, these roads take you into wonderful places, some with a feeling of being out there.