Re-energize after your long day with a 3 course meal!

Below are samples of what we offer.  Note that these are samples only since our food ranges based on what is in season in Peru and in our greenhouses.

  • Soup and salad samples:  

Greenhouse grown creamy broccoli soup with fresh topped herbs

Peruvian quinoa soup

Garden-to-table delicous carrot soup

Mixed green salad with home-grown lettuce, yellow tomatos, cucumbers, with savory dressings

  • Entree samples:

Seasoned grilled chicken with tasty Peruvian sides such as oca, olluco, and potatoes

Home-cooked hot cheesy lasagna with fresh tomato sauce, zucchini from our gardens, and various tasty veggies  

International flair fajitas with tortillas, grilled chicken and veggies, home-cooked beans, rice, and freshly made guacamole and salsa

  • Dessert samples:

Chocolate lovers' delicous baked brownies

Hot crepes with sweet mango slices

  • Beverages:

Enjoy local organic coffee and a variety of teas including coca leaf tea