Mountain Eco-Lodge Zero Waste Systems

To Be an Eco-Lodge: Zero Waste Systems

We don’t take the term “eco-lodge” lightly, and we relfect our principles in the way that we handle our waste. All of the waste systems at The Lazy Dog Inn Mountain Lodge are designed to minimize, reuse or recycle all the wastes we generate.  This includes all our solid wastes, kitchen and garden wastes, all human and animal manure and all wastewater from the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry areas. The result is a minimal impact on the local environment and less use of precious resources.


Human & Horse Manure

To recycle human waste we use custom made toilets  from our own design. Our 2 chamber odorless dry composting toilets are made of cement by our workers here at The Lazy Dog Inn. These toilets allow all human manure to be collected and combined with horse manure to produce a rich, organic compost full of earthworms that’s eventually used to fertilize our horse pastures and vegetable gardens. The whole process of breaking down the manure can take anywhere from 4-6 months depending on the weather and produces a rich and nutritionally dense soil.


Reusing Water

All our wastewater and urine is combined and sent to a sub-surface infiltration (leach field) system that irrigates our horse pasture year round.  To help minimize our impact on the local watershed we collect rain water from our main lodge roof to help irrigate our vegetable gardens and greenhouses.  This also minimizes our intake of precious irrigation water from local water canals that the local indgenous communities use for washing, personal consumption, and watering their fields, gardens and animals.

Kitchen & Garden Wastes

All solid wastes that can be recycled are collected and brought to local recyclers in Huaraz. All the food products we purchase we purchase in bulk (unpacked) form wherever possible. All organic wastes go into the compost process and eventually are used back into our gardens, fields, and greenhouses. Any waste that cannot be composted, recycled, or repurposed we burn.


A True Eco-Lodge

As a result of these systems we have no sewage or waste water discharges from our property and no septic tanks.  Over 90% of all the waste we generate at The Lazy Dog Inn are reused, composted or recycled to create a true eco-lodge, offering  sustainability with comfort.

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